How long should you steam fish for?

Many people adore the meal of steamed fish, but although it may seem simple to make, getting it just right can be really difficult. However, steaming fish may be a breeze with the appropriate advice and methods. The size, choice, preparation, and most crucially, steaming time of the fish are critical considerations. The selection of supplementary components may also significantly alter the final product.

First tip: Choose a fish that weighs around 600 grams. When presented in this size on a serving tray, it looks aesthetically pleasing and the cooking process is simpler.

Tip 2: To avoid the fish from deforming while steaming due to bone shrinkage, clip the spine from the belly side of the fish after washing it. To prevent accidentally changing the form of the fish before steaming, you may skip this step if you're not sure in your knife abilities. Once the fish has been well cleaned, apply a thin coating of lard (or cooking oil) equally over both sides and sprinkle with a little white wine (you may also try other kinds of alcohol for varied tastes).

3rd tip: Combine around 50 grams of minced beef with a few drops of soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger, and mushrooms. Fill the cavity of the fish with this mixture. This not only improves the taste of the fish but also aids in keeping its form during steaming.

Tip 4: Make fine, even strips out of a sizable piece of ripe ginger. For aesthetic purposes, place the green onions on the steaming dish in portions that are the same length as the ginger strips.

Tip 5: Ensure that the fish is only put in the steamer after the water has reached a boil. Never put the fish in the water while it is still cold since doing so might cause uneven cooking.

Sixth tip: After steaming the fish for 6-7 minutes, remove it from the fire. The ideal result depends greatly on the time.

Patience is essential throughout the steaming process. These methods will produce a fish that is both aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully sensitive. Before serving, you may add a few cilantro leaves to the dish to improve the appearance.


This post was recently updated on Sep 07, 2023