How Can I Keep My Body Healthy? With This One-Minute Routine, Women Can Curb Diseases

Your body stays in great form by frequently massaging these places.


The ear is a remarkable organ, no doubt. They are essential body components because they link to the body's main meridians and enable us to sense the outside world. Acupuncture points in our ears provide signals when a disease is present in our body or when a certain organ is stimulated.

In addition to protecting our hearing, massaging our ears also indirectly activates the body's primary organs. The benefits of this massage are tremendous for general health. Daily ear massages are equivalent to a total body meridians massage.

A woman may have a blood shortage if she has pale skin, whitening lips and nails, numbness in her limbs, dry eyes, an increased pulse, or even diminished menstrual flow and a dull complexion.

We often use food treatment to fuel our bodies as a defense against this. However, rubbing your ears might be a useful way to assist add blood. The reflex zones for the stomach, liver, heart, pancreas, and duodenum are represented by the five major acupuncture sites in the ears. This strategy produces notable outcomes.


Being one of the body's most private areas, the armpits are often disregarded in our everyday activities. If the body has enough Qi and blood, it is one of the key elements for women's health. There is a proverb that states, "When one prospers, all prosper, and when one suffers, all suffer." For the purpose of enhancing circulation and qi, armpit massage is a great option.

The "Jiquan" point, an important acupuncture point in the armpit, is situated where the axillary artery pulses at the apex of the armpit. This point may open up your chest, calm your soul, and provide relief for intercostal neuralgia, breast conditions, and frozen shoulder.

Additionally, stimulating the armpits enhances the activities of each organ by allowing it to absorb sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients as well as by promoting blood circulation. This "armpit exercise" has a strong anti-aging impact. All you have to do is massage your armpits for five minutes each, three times a day.


Humans are born with the navel as an organ. It has had a profound impact on human growth and development and is the only means of communication between people and their mothers. Humans progressively grow apart from their navels and stop giving them much thought when they leave their mothers and enter the world.

However, if you fully comprehend the navel's function, you'll see just how important it is. Regular navel massages may improve brain function, support the kidneys, help digestion, quiet the mind, balance Qi, ease bowel and bladder movements, improve liver and kidney metabolism, and increase bodily vitality. Additionally, it helps to regulate how the body's organs operate and strengthens the body's defenses against illness.

In conclusion, women may considerably improve their general health if they concentrate on massaging their navels, armpits, and ears. Diseases will be avoided!


This post was recently updated on Sep 07, 2023