Does Parents' Excessive Smartphone Use Cause Children to Act Out? Before ignoring this warning, stop and think!

The majority of parents nowadays were born in the 1980s or 1990s. But in this digital era, many parents find it difficult to put down their cellphones, and their dependency on them has become more worrisome. When their kids are free, it's not unusual to see parents unintentionally going for their phones. But do the children really suffer as a result of this behavior?

According to a US research, parents who are regularly absorbed in their cellphones may be encouraging their kids' irritation and rebelliousness.

In order to better understand how parents use electronic devices like smartphones and computers and whether this use interferes with parent-child activities like eating meals together, talking, or engaging in physical activity, researchers from the University of Michigan and Illinois State University recruited 170 families.

The findings revealed that three or more times each day, over half of the parents acknowledged to interfering with family activities using their phones. Another 24% interrupted twice daily, while 17% did so only once. Only 11% of people said they had this problem.

The parents were then given a questionnaire to fill out in order to rate their children's conduct during the previous two months, according to the researchers. The results showed that children were more likely to have behavioral issues if their parents often used cellphones. High sensitivity, impatience, hyperactivity, irritation, a tendency to whine, and rebelliousness were some of these issues.

The study's results were published in the journal "Child Development." The report's principal author, Jenny Radesky, was mentioned on May 24 by the website ScienceDaily as saying: We cannot presume a direct relationship between parental technology usage and behavioral issues in children since this was a cross-sectional research. However, these discoveries enable us to comprehend the connection between the two better.

It is obvious that parents must be careful about their screen time when their children are around in the era of continual connection. For the purpose of promoting positive conduct and averting possible behavioral difficulties in kids, it's critical to strike a balance between smartphone usage and meaningful parent-child interactions.


This post was recently updated on Aug 27, 2023