Yoga: A Beneficial Treatment for Diabetes, Hemorrhoids, and Constipation

Yoga has shown to be very effective in treating illnesses including diabetes, hemorrhoids, and constipation. It also has unique advantages for those with cervical spine problems. Shavasana (Corpse Pose), one specific yoga posture, is very easy to do and, when practiced regularly over time, produces amazing outcomes.

When doing the Shavasana:

1. With your spine lengthened and your eyes fixed straight ahead, place your hands on the ground next to your body. Take a regular breath.

2. If your flexibility is restricted, work your way through the exercise. Try not to try the whole pose at once. Keep your body in a relaxed state for the first few minutes of practice.

3. Put your hands on the sides of your knees to support them. Your knees should be spaced apart by around 4 inches. Keep your legs naked and push your toes into the ground in the "V" position with the toes touching and the heels spaced apart.

4. Gently squat down on the bottoms of your extended legs. Support your body weight with your hands on the ground while you descend your hips. If pain develops, place an equal amount of your body weight on the bent legs, as seen in the figure. If you find this motion difficult, don't try to force it; instead, wait until your body adjusts before moving on to the next phase. The third stage is accessible to those who can comfortably balance themselves on their toes and soles.

5. Lift your left hand, bending back slightly, and position it behind your hip.

6. Bend your right elbow and touch the floor, then bend your left elbow and touch the ground, gradually bringing both elbows up to your hips. Let the earth touch the top of your head. Next, slowly let your back and shoulders to contact the ground. Take your time with this move.

7. Spread your arms out to your sides with your hands flat on the floor and close to your body.

8. Inhale deeply multiple times via your nose. Hold this position for 6 to 10 seconds, changing the duration slightly as necessary.

9. Place your shoulders and elbows on the floor and hold your feet with both hands. Return to your original sitting posture by raising your head and straightening your back.

10. Extend your bent knees and take a time to relax in the preparation posture.

Constipation, hemorrhoids, and diabetes are just a few of the ailments that yoga may help with holistically. Poses like the Shavasana may have considerable advantages when practiced regularly. It is crucial to remember that getting successful results requires consistency. Yoga may result in greater vigor and well-being with practice.

This post was recently updated on Aug 27, 2023