How do I diagnose and treat varicocele? Medical professionals provide solutions

The disorder known as varicocele, which causes the veins in the scrotum to expand, may be identified and treated using recognized medical techniques. Men's semen analysis, scrotal temperature and humidity monitoring, and even testicular biopsies are some of these techniques. Techniques for self-examination may also be used.

1. Regular semen analysis is essential to monitor changes before and after varicocele therapy and to evaluate fertility.

2. Varicocele Venography: Varicocele venography, especially selective internal spermatic venography, is regarded as one of the most trustworthy techniques.

3. Doppler ultrasound examination: In conjunction with the Valsalva maneuver, the presence or absence of automatic venous blood flow in the spermatic cord during relaxed breathing while standing may be used to classify varicocele.

4. Scrotal Temperature Monitoring: The heat-sensitive crystal recorders used in the contact-type scrotal temperature recording technique are encased in a sheath and placed within the scrotum. Temperature variations cause color changes, which are recorded continuously by a camera.

5. Physical examination: Visual, tactile, and the Valsalva test are still reliable ways to identify clinical varicocele.

6. Testicular Biopsy: Testicular biopsies have been essential in figuring out how varicocele and male infertility are caused by pathological processes.

Checking Yourself for Varicocele

1. While standing, check to see whether the scrotum is symmetrical in height and if the scrotal wall has veins that resemble worms. - Visible veins on one side of the scrotum that are lower than the other may be a sign of varicocele. - Worm-like veins that can be felt along the outer side of the scrotum or that the patient can feel when holding their breath may indicate the presence of varicocele.

2. In the supine position, there are three degrees of varicocele: mild, moderate, and severe.

- Mild varicocele is defined as the absence of visible or palpable veins while standing and their rapid disappearance when laying down.

- Moderate varicocele is characterized by palpable and visible vein clusters that progressively vanish while laying down.

- Severe varicocele is indicated if the scrotal surface has visible dilated veins that seem like worms within the scrotum and fade slowly while laying down.

Regular self-examinations may be carried out by teenagers or their parents. It is essential to get a diagnosis from a qualified medical expert at a hospital in situations of doubt or suspicion.

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