Four Crucial Yoga Weight Loss Techniques for Summer

Now that summer has here, many people are stepping up their exercise routines, particularly those who are concerned with maintaining their current level of fitness. Four Seasons Wellness would like to present you to four key yoga positions for losing weight.

1. Practice the spinal twist by crouching with your legs crossed and crossing your left leg over your right. Outside of your left hip, position your right heel. Wrapping your left arm over your right waist, extend your right elbow to the outside of your left knee. Exhale as you slowly twist to the left while inhaling to stretch your spine. Exhale and release after inhaling, then go back to the center. On the other side, repeat.

Benefits: Relieves gastrointestinal pain.

2. Practice the triangle pose by standing with your feet 1.5 times wider than your shoulders. As you take a breath, extend your arms to the sides. Exhale, pivot your left foot a little inward, press your hips to the left, and move your right foot 90 degrees to the right. Maintaining a single plane of motion with your spine and buttocks, sag your waist to the right. Place your right hand over your right foot, gaze up, and take eight to ten steady breaths. Inhale, stand up straight, and rotate both feet back to the middle. Exhale, bring your feet together, drop your arms, and stand comfortably. On the other side, repeat.

Enhances liver function balance.

3. Practice the camel pose by kneeling on the floor with your thighs parallel to the surface and your legs hip-width apart. With your fingers pointed down, place your hands on the back of your pelvis. Lean back, take a deep breath, elevate your heart, and extend your hands toward your heels. Maintain a neutral neck posture. Keep your posture.

Note: People with lower back problems should keep their bends to a minimum. If you have shoulder injuries, stay away.

Benefits: Lowers body heat and soothes emotions.

4. Practice the extended puppy pose: With your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips, assume a tabletop posture to begin. Breathe deeply and drop your chest toward the ground as you advance your hands. As you raise your hips toward the ceiling, exhale. Keep your forehead on the mat while extending your arms. Take a few deep breaths and breathe normally. Take a breath, move your hands back into neutral position, and repeat.

Reduce the depth of the stretch if you suffer back pain.

Benefits: Increases blood circulation, brings down body temperature, and cools the whole body.

As you do these summer yoga postures, keep in mind that maintaining a regular practice coupled with a nutritious diet is essential to reaching your weight reduction goals and being active and healthy.

This post was recently updated on Sep 07, 2023