Is Watermelon Safe to Eat While on Period? What You Must Understand

Summertime is a popular time for watermelon consumption. In addition to being tasty, it may help you stay cool while it's sweltering outside. It is not advised for women to eat watermelon during their menstrual cycle since it is a "cold" meal in traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Is Watermelon Safe to Eat While on Period?

Generally speaking, it's recommended to avoid or consume watermelon in moderation when you're menstruating. Watermelon is well recognized for having a high water content as well as a variety of amino acids and carbohydrates that may satisfy thirst and assist cool the body. Its "cold" character, particularly when ingested cold or in large amounts, might, nevertheless, throw off the body's normal temperature equilibrium.

While menstruating, eating cold foods might stimulate the blood and cause it to clot, which could result in more severe menstrual cramps. As a result, it is advised that women minimize or avoid eating watermelon when they are on their period.

When menstruating, it's advised to stay away from watermelon as well as other "cold" foods like ice cream, winter melon, eggplant, cucumber, and citrus fruits since they might make the period more uncomfortable.

2. Is Eating Watermelon During Your Period Okay?

About 93% of a watermelon's weight is made up of water, and it has little calories. It offers vital minerals including calcium, phosphorus, glutamic acid, arginine, and sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose as well as dietary fiber. Additionally, vitamin A content is not too bad.

While watermelon has several health advantages, such as vitamin and hydration content, one should take into account its "cold" aspect. Excessive intake of cold foods, particularly watermelon, should be avoided even for those without menstruation issues.

You may still indulge on watermelon in moderation if you're wanting it during your period. Choose room-temperature watermelon over ice-cold watermelon. Furthermore, take into account harmonizing your body's circulation by ingesting warm drinks like ginger tea with brown sugar, which may aid in promoting smoother blood flow.

3. Cautions Regarding Watermelon Consumption During Menstruation

Here are some safety measures to take into consideration if you want to consume watermelon while on your period:

  1. - Consume it sparingly.
  2. - Avoid watermelon that is frozen or very cold.
  3. - Choose room-temperature watermelon.
  4. - Include warm, nourishing meals and beverages in a balanced diet.
  5. - Pay attention to how your body reacts, and if you feel more pain or cramps during your period, you may want to cut down or completely eliminate watermelon from your diet.

In conclusion, although while watermelon has numerous health advantages, its "cold" character makes it less advisable to eat when menstruating, particularly in large quantities or when it's quite cold. Women are urged to pay attention to their bodies, make decisions that enhance general wellbeing and lessen menstruation pain, and listen to their bodies.


This post was recently updated on Sep 07, 2023